PITTSFIELD, MA – On a warm, June evening in the Valley of Speed, Paul Gilardi brought his #87x Superior Seamless Gutters HigFab Chassis home in the 16th position, helping him jump up in the season-long point standings.

The driver from Pittsfield, MA worked his way from deep in the starting field and was able to bring his machine home in 16th.

“We weren’t where we wanted to be tonight,” Gilardi said after the feature. “The car wasn’t like it has been and we just weren’t as competitive as we need to be. We’ll get things worked out and be stronger next race.”

For Gilardi, it was another feature event completed as he gains more knowledge about the teams new HigFab Chassis for this season.

“This car reacts to any changes we make,” he said. “We don’t normally have to make many adjustments. Tonight we did, so that’s why I know we have to figure out what’s wrong. But, my guys will get after it and we’ll get it fixed.”

With his run Saturday, Paul moved up one position in the point standings. He now sits 16th heading into this weekend’s race at the Valley of Speed which is presented by DMC Racing Products and Alarms of Berkshire County. Gates open at 5pm.

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