POWNAL, VT – While he had to start deep in the field on Sunday night due to fuel delivery problem in his heat race, Rob Maxon was able to rebound his way to a top ten finish at the Glen Ridge Motorsports Park.

The Dane’s Auto Parts #96 only completed one lap in its heat race due to the problem, but that didn’t stop the team from working hard to gain as many position as possible in the feature.

“Sunday was frustrating to say the least,” Maxon said. “With our problems, we had to start the feature further back than we hoped, but were able to move forward.”

As Maxon moved his way up, he encountered trouble which made the handling of the car go away.

“We got into the back bumper of Tim Hartman Jr. on a restart and bent the front axle bad,” he said. “That made the car unpredictable on how it handled for the rest of the event. However, we were still able to come away with a top ten.”

Starting deep in any race can sometimes rattle a driver, but not Maxon.

“When you’ve got 25 laps, I’ve learned to be patient and just try and miss the wrecks,” he said. “Then, you try and go to work. That’s what happened Sunday. There were two pretty good ones right off the bat that we missed.”

On Tuesday evening, Rob and the team made their way to the Albany-Saratoga Speedway for the King of Dirt Sportsman Series event. Unfortunately, they didn’t get the results they were hoping for.

“We struggled with an extremely loose car all night,” Maxon said. “I think we have a bind in it somewhere. No matter what we did, the handling didn’t change but I have to thank Scott Duell for trying to help. He gave us ideas the car should have reacted to but it didn’t handle any differently.”

Maxon came home in the 23rd position.

The team has a busy weekend of racing ahead as they will head to Lebanon Valley on Saturday night before making the trek to Utica-Rome for the next race on the King of Dirt Sportsman Series on Sunday.